12/14/2012, 17:42

"The SK35 and 38 are modern classics. In the future, people will be speaking about them as we do the classic vintage ukes of yesterday. Bravo!"


09/30/2012, 18:19

"I bought my SK-35 Ukulele, about one year ago, from a friend of mine, and I play it, almost everyday! I really love it! Now, I am searching for a local dealer, in São Paulo (Brazil) in order to import a Sopranino, and a SK-38. In the future, I plan to buy a Tenor and, maybe, a Baritone...!"


07/26/2012, 19:48

"Ordered a TK70G. Wow. Simply beautiful. The construction is nearly flawless! The action is dead on straight out of the bag. The strings ring clear and resonate richly. To think anyone can own a solid bodied uke for this kind of money... it's a no-brainer! Thank you Ohana! Print some decals, I'll happily advertise your brand on my car!"


06/13/2012, 22:05

"I bought my BK-70RB Baritone Ukulele from Guitar Tex in San Antonio a few years ago and have enjoyed it since.

It really resonates the sound and no amplifier is needed to be heard.

Thank You Ohana!

Clyde O."


05/30/2012, 22:24

"I've always known I wanted an Ohana since I played my friend's CK-50WG. Finally after lots of scrounging and decision-making I got myself a CK-75CG and an SK-38 and they are my most loved in my small uke collection. Well built, great sound, decent price, options...I couldn't be more pleased! My Ohanas bring me many happy times."


04/16/2012, 13:45

"Bravo! Ohana over the years we have carried your instruments and you have been consistent in keeping a great quality instrument accessible to many. We appreciate your innovative approach in making classics as well as unique ukuleles that still maintain wonderful playability and sound. Looking forward to all your new models coming out.
-Mike "


03/30/2012, 03:42

"Received my new SK-25 yesterday and I am very happy with it. Exactly as Elderly describes it: "A very good ukulele at a great price".

Incredible value for a solid wood uke!"


03/17/2012, 14:20

"I have upgraded to a CK10S today and the difference is remarkable! Although still a novice this will encourage me to play much more I'm sure! Also special thanks to your (UK) dealer Southern Ukuleles near Bournemouth, who were very informative in helping me choose this one - the perfect uke for me right now!"


03/10/2012, 03:04

"Been playing the TK-50WG ! Nice sound and excellent finish ! Beautifull instrument !"


03/07/2012, 14:46

"I ordered Ohana TK20CE and I am very satisfied... now i will buy just Ohana ukes I think... great work Ohana!"

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